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Daktari blij met donatie!

De opbrengst het KinderKunst Atelier ging dit jaar naar de Daktari Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage in Zuid-Afrika. We kregen een hartverwarmende bedankbrief...

Dear Marc,
It is with lots of emotion that we read your email this morning. It brought tears in my eyes as you Dutch are so specials :-)

We had a look at your website and although we couldn't understand everything, (as it's in Dutch:-) we were very impressed when looking at the pictures of the event you organised in August. We are very touched by your support. Thank you so much.

Your donation will help toward the cost of the project (food for children and animals) and we will of course mention it in our newsletter. I have also made a thank you letter in case you could pass it on to the children who drew as well :-)

Again, we thank you a lot for your generosity and for thinking of us. Your fund is very appreciated and it is great to know that you are by our side. :-) Have a lovely day,

Best regards, Ian and Michele Merrifield

Meer informatie over het project:

> naar boven


> Download de PDF met de brief die speciaal voor alle deelnemers gemaakt is